Busy as a Bee

Hello Friends!
My son was busy in the northern horse field setting up a new electric fence and he wasn’t the only one busy out in the horse field!
This is what the bees were busy with. This is called a Pasture Thistle. This is one thing the horses do not eat in the field but they are beautiful!
This is my son connecting a new electric fence so that the horses do not escape! He is a big help to me around the farm when he is not in school teaching! Lucky for me it is summer vacation!
Here he is inspecting the whole line. I think it’s a lot of work but with fall right around the corner and the grass going away the horses get board and try to escape. My son says it’s easy!!

Don’t forget to hug your pets❤️

Mya the Farmgirl

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6 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. I have some of those thistles in my back garden and though they are classed as weeds I keep them as they attract wildlife, especially goldfinches which are really pretty little birds – I got some lovely shots of a couple on the thistles last summer 🙂


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