Hello friends!

This little Angel was a gift about 20 years ago! I happen to love Angels and this Angel greets everyone that enters the farm!

I always think that faith is what you can’t see but something that you feel.

We cut back a lot of trees these past few weeks and this is where I have faith that these trees and shrubs will come back next spring. I know you have to trim back but sometimes my partner will give them a real good trim!

Lilacs with a trim!

This looks horrible but next Spring it should be fine! Faith!

Don’t forget to hug your pets❤️

Mya the Farmgirl

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2 thoughts on “Angels

  1. I have two angels in my backyard. They keep an eye on things and, I believe, are telling me I need to get in my backyard and do some major cutting back! Kudos to you on doing just that.


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