Among all the weeds you can still find beauty-

Beauty and the weeds
Double Orange Daylily
Ruby Spider Daylily
White Oriental Casa Blanca Lilly

Years ago my mother use to show Lillies. It was actually fun to go and see all the variations and all the people who belonged to the Lilly club. She won the grand prize one year and I came in third if I remember correctly another year. That ribbon stayed on the refrigerator for years!! I still smile when I think of the fun we had-I cherish those days.

Don’t forget to hug your pets❤️

Mya the Farmgirl

2 thoughts on “Among all the weeds you can still find beauty-

  1. Your lilies are lovely, especially the white one. My garden is full of weeds just now. These houses were built many years ago on the site of an old brick works so the ground is very poor, meaning I don’t have a lawn, I just have rough grass which needs to be strimmed rather than mowed and the weeds soon come through. Last summer I found a very pretty and unusual moth among the taller weeds so when I cut the grass I left an area uncut as a wildlife garden and had several little birds visiting which I’ve never had before 🙂


  2. The Oriental Lillies are the ones that she showed. There used to be a lot more of them here but every now and then one will grow! The Daylilies are everywhere! LOL They make good fillers. 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!


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