Now that’s a tall chimney!

Hello Friends!

This is the chimney that collapsed on the inside that is connected to the furnace. For two weeks I have been getting quotes to repair the furnace in the basement and to run a power ventilator outside and today another gentleman came out to the house and suggested I have the chimney looked at. The good news is I had a company from my hometown come out today and he’s going to put in a liner and repair the chimney for about the same price as a power vent.

More good news is that I cleaned the basement with my son and got rid of all the old things that I accumulated over the years thinking we’re putting in a power vent. The power vent is just another way to vent out a furnace where the chimney is not working. But in my case the vent would have been about 30 feet long and that was creating a problem.

Early October will be when I will have heat again. That is totally doable.

Buttercup moved on to another barn. My boarder gave me a four hour notice, she said that she was going to an indoor ring and full board because she doesn’t have time anymore for rough board. The stable is also in the same town where she works. So it’s all good. I understand totally. It is so much easier for full board. I offer both but this will be better for Buttercup and his owner.


Hey. What’s up!

Hello Friends!

Not much going on today on the farm. I may need a new heating system for the house but more on that later.

Cuteness overload. We have a lot of rabbits eating on our front lawn and I hear a lot of coyotes at night barking, so I really hope they are all huddled safely in the woods.

Have a nice weekend! I have a busy one coming up starting with a HVAC person coming out at 8 am! Wish me luck!!

God Bless the Queen and long live the King!

Hello Friends

We are finally getting some much needed rain here in the northeast! My lawns looked the worst they have in years. But the good news is that the swans and their babies are growing fast. I did not know this but the babies will take a full year to turn white!

I see them everyday driving up my driveway. It’s a nice greeting to have on mostly stressful work related days.

We also have a duck family that lives in the same area as the swans! The duck family is much larger than the swan family so it’s nice to see them together.

Have you started decorating for fall? I have and love it!! I did get some push back but Autumn is my favorite season and the fall colors are the best!

Swan update!

Hello friends! Several weeks ago I posted about the swans, how the Mom swan never left her nest. A few weeks went by and the swans were gone. I honestly thought they had no babies and they left the river that they lived in. Then another few weeks went by and the next thing I saw was the swan family! This was the only time that I saw them. They are usually way down the river and they look like little specs. I think they feel safer down at the end of the river.

Super cute and to say the least I was very happy for them!

I am still trying to put weight on Julius. He has only gained 2 lbs this month. I am feeding him a weight supplement and alfalfa along with hay and his grain twice a day. I did let the vet know so we will see what’s next.

Julius enjoys getting sprayed by the water hose!

Dinner time

I had just finished giving Julius his alfalfa when one of the boarders were bringing in her horses for there dinner.
Little Chloe is so cute with her mane flying everywhere! These two are inseparable.

Buttercup isn’t as excited to go in and eat. They bring there horses in to eat which is probably a good idea so you can control how much they get. They then stay out for the night in the warmer weather. We feed our horses before they go out for the day and when we bring them in for the night.