Make a wish!

Hello Friends!

When I was a little one we were told to make a wish and blow the white poofs into the air to make a wish!

These little beauties start out as a beautiful yellow weed called “dandelions,” which comes from the French word for “lion’s tooth.”

The horse field is full of wishes to be granted!

Just close your eyes, make a wish and imagine yourself blowing a little white poof into the air!

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A day at the spa!

Hello Friends!

This morning as I walk down to the barn I noticed that Buddy was rolling around in the mud. something that would cost an astronomical amount of money at the day spa!

As soon as he got up Julius then took his turn!

As if that wasn’t strange enough, Boston was thinking about this mud treatment also!

Boston decided to pass!

I have no idea what was going on but something was. They must feel good having a mud bath on a beautiful dry day!

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Its siesta time!

Hello Friends,

Julius takes more naps than anyone I know! Several times a week I catch him resting.

He’s only 28 and healthy so I’m thinking he likes to nap! I never take naps but my partner loves to nap! I heard it’s good for your health to nap but I feel I would be missing something exciting!

Julius, this is meant for you!
Leave me alone!! I’m napping!!

Enjoy your day!

Circa 1730

Hello Friends

Fun fact, my farm house was built around 1730. We do have family names dating back to then. I found the list of names in a cabinet in the TV room. My mother did alot of research back in the day. To be honest the front part of the house was built first and an addition was added probably early 1800s.

In the early portion of our home, we have five fireplaces which were in all the main rooms. Some rooms are large but one room with a fireplace is the size of a small walk-in closet. You have to think that is how they heated and cooked. Three of the fireplaces were for coal. We actually use a wood stove to help heat. I found it more efficient for heat.

This wall paper was here when my parents bought the farm over 60 years ago. It’s beautiful to me and that is why I don’t change it.
This wallpaper is in the women’s room. Again, very old paper and I love it.

I do love living here. It is like living with your old best friend. Yes, it’s a ton of work and a lot of updating. Thankfully my friends are not a lot of work!! 😉 One example of a project is that the knob and tube wiring had to be replaced. Thats a huge project and we are almost finished.

I have friends who thinks I’m nuts. I don’t think so!! It’s all about what you love to do!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day!

So the horses escaped!

So he looks like he is not escaping but they are. They knocked the fencing down and then proceeded all the way around the high tension lines and up my road just to wander their way back to me.

They only went about a mile but it’s still pain in the bucket! I think they get bored and want to move. Thankfully this time they didn’t make it to the neighborhood. Then they get on Facebook the police are called and on and on! It’s kindof funny but dangerous all at once!

Enjoy your day!