What are you doing? He looks so evil when he’s such a sweet kitty-

He was attacking my sons foot and wouldn’t let go. Sometimes he gets a little over excited. He’s still a kitten and he plays way to rough!

I can only imagine that Lunar is telling Arlo to learn his manners!

Not a vet visit!

Julius has been losing weight so we had a vet visit. His vet said because he is 30 years old he’s just old and the good news he is still healthy. To put a little weight on him I am feeding him alfalfa twice a day with his grain and hay.

So every week we are getting a weight on him. He’s 1035 lbs and in two weeks we should see a big change!!

It’s been a crazy here lately with a lot of things going on. My partners brother died of covid. He was a good man. I found out that I have a severe allergy to something. Only God knows but I was in the hospital. That’s kindof scary living on the farm and not knowing what started the allergy attack. They won’t do a panel test because they said I don’t normally have allergies. That doesn’t even make sense to me so once I’m off the prednisone I will reevaluate that and ask for a panel test again.

That’s enough personal stuff even for me!! I hope your all well and if you have any ideas how you stress less, please let me know!!

Climbing roses

These roses have been growing up side of my farmhouse since I was a little girl. I trim them in the fall and that’s about all I do for them. They are super pretty and I look forward to seeing them bloom every year.

Arlo is keeping a close watch while I take photos from the second floor window! He’s not allowed to go outside which is probably for the best!

I’m so sad for everyone now, I honestly am having a hard time understanding the hate that some people have in America and the senseless killings.

May God bless all of you and keep you safe.

Old photos

Hello Friends.

My brother had asked me for a photo of a dog called Hurricane that we had years ago when we were children. In doing so I came across some other old photos. The one above is of my father and his horse, Iben. Iben was a small Arabian and my dad was 6’2, that’s why he looks so much taller than the horse. Back in the day we used to have horseshows at the farm and every summer we would prepare the horse ring and we would have what the horse club people called a gymkhana. That is a horse show where they play games on horseback. A couple of games you would be familiar with were called barrel racing and the egg and spoon race. The show would last for the full weekend.

This is Hurricane. He was a small field trial springer spaniel that was mostly white. He was the best hunting dog that we had. We had so many springers growing up. My parents bred them and we would have 3 litters of puppies at a time. My mother owned a kennel, ran a dog school and was a dog groomer for probably 30 years or so. She also taught night classes at the local college on grooming and obedience training.

I have to admit it seems like yesterday. Time does fly by!

Enjoy your day!