Where is Arlo?

Hello Friends. This little kitty shows up almost everywhere.

He’s trying to eat I mean look at Sunny the canary-
He really wants to go outside but he is still a little young to venture outside.
There is no place like resting on a wire bird cage!

Hope you have a restful day!

I don’t think so..

From my kitchen window I saw a big bird fly by and land on the bunny cage. It turned out to be a hawk.
He does not look happy and fortunately Mr Roosevelt was under his shed.
So I quickly put up a makeshift scare crow. I am not going to let the hawk get his next dinner from me!

RIP Buddy, our most gentle giant went to heaven yesterday. Even though he was a boarder, his mom was never here, she lived out of state so I treated him like one of my horses. He was the kind one who no one would ever be nervous around. I will miss him. Buddy was a great horse and I will always hold a special place for him in my heart.

Beautiful skies

Hello Friends! The sky was on fire last night! It is very cold but the sun is out today for the first time in a week. It was nice to see a color because it has been so gray lately.

These two messy dogs need a bath. It’s been so muddy for January it’s crazy! Maybe I should mop the floor too. 🙂

I hope you have a great day! I was gratefully busy yesterday at work so I’m going to take the decorations down today. As long as I’m done by the 12th day of Christmas I don’t feel bad. One day to go!