I love the way animals never complain about rainy days!

Think about that, people complain about everything. blah blah blah. But not once have I ever heard an animal complain!

This big beast (saying that with love) is always happy, you can’t see it but it’s raining.

When people want to board their horses here I stress to them that we want no drama. I have had so much drama at the barn with past horse boarders, that I’m over it! Just saying!

This herring loves the rain and seems pretty content in the pond.

Don’t forget to hug your pets❤️

Mya the Farmgirl

It finally stopped raining!(for about 12 hours)

We had over 13 inches of rain and broke the all time record for July, while there are droughts all over the country. I have more weeds than one can think of and more rain is coming tomorrow.

Everything is soaked and my house feels very moist inside. I should really get a dehumidifier. I’ve been saying that for a while now-

This is a weed that is about 7 feet tall and that is one of too many! I have been told that all flowers have started out as weeds! I think that may be true! 🌻

Don’t forget to hug your pets❤️

Mya the Farmgirl

Happy National I Love Horses Day!

Did you know that National I Love Horses Day was created to highlight the importance of animals in human history and development? I personally didn’t know that! Horses have been around for 50 million years and they were domesticated by nomads in 4000 BC.

Here’s a fun fact? Do I ride? Nope! I take care of them, Julius, was my mothers horse and the other horses at my farm are all boarders. For now I have no interest in riding I need a calmer horse for that!

This is Martini, Tini for short. He’s definitely a good boy. His owner tells me he loves to ride on trails and he’s not afraid of anything!

This big boy is Boston, another nice horse who loves to ride on the trails! As for my barn, most days they just graze all day and stay in there stalls at night!

Don’t forget to hug your pets!

Mya the Farmgirl

Follow the leaders

Mowing the lawn is about a 3 hour job on the farm and these two will just walk with me, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind me, just to keep me company! Who else likes to mow the lawn? I actually love to ride on the mower and have three hours of me time. 🙂

Follow me Mom, I can hear Casey saying that to me as I move to the next lawn!
Do you see those trees that were mutilated by a tree company…holy cow, the rhododendrons were suppose to be trimmed and they pulled them all out..I was so sad for them and me…about 50 years of growth gone. I wasn’t home when that happened. So now I am wondering if they will come back or should I plant new rhododendrons? I am convincing myself that this was heavy pruning and hopefully they will return.

Don’t forget to hug your pets!

Mya the Farmgirl

Take your Cat to work day!

HMMM I’m wondering how I can get any work done? Lilly has found a new place to sleep! I really hate to bother her because she is a little old lady!

That’s better! Gently move the keyboard and let her rest🙂

Elsa the tropical storm is leaving a lot of rain for the farm! All is well and I really don’t think the horses mind being out in all this rain! My plants are loving it! I’m a little concerned this may be a rainy summer season!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Don’t forget to hug your pets!❤️

Mya the Farmgirl.

Who else likes to read?

I love to read and I only seem to read when I’m on vacation or at the beach. I thought it was pretty funny when I saw Lilly sleeping next to this book, I actually enjoyed that book! I also just finished reading Lessons from Lucy, written by Dave Barry. Another good book on a dogs perspective and how we should be more like dogs! This book made me laugh, cry and think how I wish some people were more like dogs! For instance, let go of your anger or make new friends! That’s a great idea!

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to hug your pet! 💙


It’s been Raining!


Do you see this little bird all curled up on the bird feeder! You can’t see it in the photo but it is pouring! I was so happy to see it taking shelter. I like to believe that we have a safe haven for all animals.

Have a very happy SaturdayI

Hug your pet!❤️

Mya the Farmgirl

Enough said…Even baby ducks love the salt water pool!

Don’t forget to hug your pet today!💚


Mya the Farmgirl