Hello Friends-

Chloe, the mini horse, had gotten kicked the other day by one of the horses that her mother owns.

The vet came up and took a few x-rays of her hind leg and it was severely broken. The knee cap was out of place and it was broken in several places.

The good news is that she doesn’t have to be put down because of her weight and small size. He did say if this was a full size horse the poor thing would have been put down. He put a cast on her last night and she will have to stay in the stall for four months. She was stressed earlier today but better tonight.

I feel so bad for her but she should recover well and will probably have some arthritis.

It was a beautiful very early spring day yesterday and today and tonight it was snowing! Only in New England!

Enjoy your weekend-

Happy Valentine’s day ❤️

I saw my two swans the other day back in the river. What is more fitting on Valentine’s Day at the farm, than having a photo of the swans that usually will mate for life! I wonder what their secret is to having someone who wants to stay with you forever. Casey the springer says he’ll stay as long as he gets his daily treats and belly rubs!

Happy Valentine’s day❤️

Little Svin

Hello Friends,

It’s been a minute since I’ve been around. But the good news of the story is that Sven arrived and is doing great! He’s very rambunctious, but situation we are dealing with is the biting everything he comes in contact with. He’s pretty much paper trained which is super nice! He’s just a little guy maybe 3lbs now so it’s too cold most days for him to go outside.

Living in New England, it should be cold in February but it’s been somewhat warm. I had a chance to bring Svin outside when it was 50 degrees and he loved it. Pepper plays a little to rough and Casey the Springer doesn’t really enjoy him to much but he is getting better.

I do hope we get no more snow this winter. It just makes farm life way easier!

Little Sven

Hello Friends,

We had a little scare today, even though I don’t have Sven yet, he had to go to the vet because he had a rectal prolapse. Super scary for a young puppy. The owner of the puppy said that if he needed surgery they would have kept him, understandably so but thankfully he made a full recovery and should be fine. They put him on a soft diet for the next few days.

So that was a close call. I’m looking forward to getting him. I’m getting ready and surprisingly I need a-lot of things to keep him safe and happy.

Boston thinks I should just stick with horses!

Happy New Year!

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year! I can’t even believe it’s a new year already! I have to admit time does fly by fast and I always try to have the best day ever. Of course some days are better than others, especially in my job but I literally stay calm about almost everything, probably not a good trait. True story, if my customers don’t fit my happy mold I can’t work with them. I was pretty picky when I was younger and my boss didn’t like my theory but it worked for me! Even in major problems at work that I normally can fix, I try to put a spin on it to calm customers down and to lighten the mood. Some would say I’m to laid back.

Do you make New Year resolutions? I do not. I would just set myself up for failure!

Don’t worry Mom, we are pretty laid back too!

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!