Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

My moms plans for having Thanksgiving at the farm went south this year-her two young grandchildren both have covid and that means her daughter is quarantining.

The good news about getting ready for company is that she painted ceilings, cleaned the house, took out old rugs and bought new window cushions where the roof was fixed! There is no more water flowing in the dining room!! I have a feeling she will now get out her Christmas decorations to make the house all pretty for Christmas!

Her son is at his girlfriends house this year with Arlo the kitten! Last year was my Moms turn having them here so it’s only fair! I’m pretty sure Mom and her partner will be going to his daughters for dinner today! I hope they bring us home some leftovers!

Mom told me she is thankful for all of us and all of you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

Did you say leftovers!

Things are finally looking up on the farm!

Hello Friends. Being the Keeper of the Farm isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be! I’m still dealing with the well that failed and all the dirt, literally buckets full of dirt that ruined two hot water tanks, propane furnace, and the water valve shut off. It’s just crazy what dirt can do blasting thru your pipes! I think now we have made headway. Just today the water valve was fixed, we have hot water and everyone should be happy. Unless you happen to be one of those people who is happily miserable! I know a few!

Buddy the horse is like a big cat, whenever I have the water filling up the water trough, he races over to stick his face in it! It must feel good, even on a cold rainy day.

My granddaughter took this photo outside her home of the two deer. I happen to love deer so I thought I would share this awesome photo with you all too!

Have a great week! I’m now getting ready for Thanksgiving. One of my most favorite holidays!

Happy Halloween!

I have a true ghost story or several…As I mentioned my farm house was built in 1730 so undoubtably we do have a few ghosts living here. Usually it’s the children who can see them and in rare occasions adults can too! These are very happy ghosts so no need to worry!

Last night around 10:30 I heard walking in the hallway outside my bedroom. So much so that I checked my alarm to see if the kids came home and they haven’t yet. Then as I lay there contemplating what to do, I decide to get up and look around to see what is going on and I found nothing.

The ghosts were active last night and most everyone that sleeps here will hear walking too! My step dad told me before I moved back home that sometimes the ghosts get active when change is about to happen and that’s when you will hear the walking! I know now you think I am nuts but honestly you can hear them walking!

I do have several ghost stories and sitings but I’ll save those for a later tale!

Have a Happy Halloween and that pumpkin photo is not mine. I found it my photos!