It looks like Arlo received nice gifts!

Hello Friends! Arlo received this nice wall print of himself from his grandfather! I think he loves it!

This is better! Playing with flapping fish!

I’m not going to take the tree down until January 1st. I love Christmas and if I had an artificial tree I think I would leave it up longer.

This is my favorite room. It’s very peaceful. I’m not sure why it just has that feeling to it. Unlike my office that looks like a very unorganized salesperson works there. LOL. My son calls my office the room of dreams. Totally makes since once you get to know me!

Have a good day!

I wonder if they need help?

Hello Friends! Arlo is patiently waiting for us to open gifts and he is wondering if we need help! We are waiting for everyone to get home and we normally open gifts Christmas Day but we will probably open them Sunday afternoon. Between work schedules and other family fun it is sometimes hard to get everything in!

Only a few more hours Arlo!
Relax Kitten! Patience is a virtue-
What’s patience mean Mya? Why do my eyes look like blinking Christmas lights?🎄

Merry Christmas!

Hello friends! I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas! I always have Christmas Eve at my home and it’s all about the children! They have such a good time eating cookies before dinner, opening presents after dinner, running around the house! For the first year ever I had a buffet style dinner and it worked out great! I only had a few people say they wished we ate at the dining room table but we are way to close!! OK. I’m paranoid!

Stay healthy my friends!