The patriotic poodle

Hey there friends, in celebration of the long holiday weekend my Mom did nothing exciting. Which in her mind is sometimes nice! A nice quiet weekend at home.

After a visit to the vet and finding out Casey has Lyme disease again, he’s on a diet. He has gained 20 pounds over the last two years. So instead of dog bones he now gets carrots! I’m sure Mr Roosevelt would have a fit if he knew Casey is eating his supply of carrots! He seems to love them where I do not, poodles should be getting steak bones, not that awful tasting orange stick.

Way overgrown but still pretty! My thoughts and prayers are going out to the people who were at the parade in Highland Park trying to enjoy there day. This is not the America I know and love.

Dinner guests

Lately, every evening I see a guest around 5PM in the horse field. Last night we had a heron and a possum that Casey chased into the water. I’m a little surprised that he didn’t jump in for it but I was very glad he didn’t.

The night before I saw a coyote, although I did not get a photo because I was in too much of a rush to get the dogs and myself up to the house but he was right at the water trough and when he saw me he did take off to the pond then I saw him walk into the woods from there. The coyote was the size of Pepper the standard poodle. He looked very well fed and I didn’t want his next meal to be one of my dogs. I grabbed this picture off the internet so you know what I’m talking about!

I don’t think he would have posed for me like this!

We are having warm weather finally and it’s so nice to be outside without rain gear or a jacket-Summer is my second favorite season and I would have to think if you ask any of my family members they would say Fall is my favorite and they would be correct. Why? I love everything about Fall, the crisp air and colors. Not that I’m rushing the seasons but I always think ahead! Enjoy the warm days!


What are you doing? He looks so evil when he’s such a sweet kitty-

He was attacking my sons foot and wouldn’t let go. Sometimes he gets a little over excited. He’s still a kitten and he plays way to rough!

I can only imagine that Lunar is telling Arlo to learn his manners!

Not a vet visit!

Julius has been losing weight so we had a vet visit. His vet said because he is 30 years old he’s just old and the good news he is still healthy. To put a little weight on him I am feeding him alfalfa twice a day with his grain and hay.

So every week we are getting a weight on him. He’s 1035 lbs and in two weeks we should see a big change!!

It’s been a crazy here lately with a lot of things going on. My partners brother died of covid. He was a good man. I found out that I have a severe allergy to something. Only God knows but I was in the hospital. That’s kindof scary living on the farm and not knowing what started the allergy attack. They won’t do a panel test because they said I don’t normally have allergies. That doesn’t even make sense to me so once I’m off the prednisone I will reevaluate that and ask for a panel test again.

That’s enough personal stuff even for me!! I hope your all well and if you have any ideas how you stress less, please let me know!!

Climbing roses

These roses have been growing up side of my farmhouse since I was a little girl. I trim them in the fall and that’s about all I do for them. They are super pretty and I look forward to seeing them bloom every year.

Arlo is keeping a close watch while I take photos from the second floor window! He’s not allowed to go outside which is probably for the best!

I’m so sad for everyone now, I honestly am having a hard time understanding the hate that some people have in America and the senseless killings.

May God bless all of you and keep you safe.