Fall cleanup

So this is hard, getting the leaves swept up with the wind blowing! I haven’t done a lot of yard work yet because of that reason. My partner did one sweep around but you can’t tell in most places.

One good thing the Magnolia tree has hundreds of blooms on it for next spring.

This is the last of my fall decorations outside. I bought solar powered Christmas lights for outside this year. Our electric company increased the rates by 62 percent this month. I’m a little concerned about this with the heated water buckets for the horses. So this will help! I’ll let you know how they work.

This is my first Christmas decorations in the house. A little early but that’s OK. we are not having Thanksgiving this year, my daughter is am I’m very thankful for that!

We can turn the heat on!

After three, long, 12 hour days the chimney liner was finally put in. The chimney had a lot of bricks that protruded inside making it very difficult to get the liner down.

They actually had to open the chimney up and remove some of the inside bricks. All I know it finally went in. In comparison to my daughters chimney liner, the same people put it in and it took 3 hours. Crazy.

Now for the sad news, Arlo moved out to his new home. My son and his fiancé bought a home in the next state. We really miss him and his mom and dad! He was a little mischievous but still fun to have around.

Arlo relaxing before the big move.

Enjoy your day!

Hay days

Hello Friends!

This year I decided to order extra hay and keep it in the loft. That is so much easier not having to call the hay man every month only because he is so busy and it’s hard to get here for him and I usually get down to one bale. Really!

Pepper looks so uncomfortable but she walks on the hay. I think that is her sad face.

It cool out and my boiler still does not work. The chimney man is now coming on Friday. Thank goodness I have the wood stove. It’s small but powerful and does a pretty good job keeping the front of the nice and cozy.

Stay safe my friends!

Now that’s a tall chimney!

Hello Friends!

This is the chimney that collapsed on the inside that is connected to the furnace. For two weeks I have been getting quotes to repair the furnace in the basement and to run a power ventilator outside and today another gentleman came out to the house and suggested I have the chimney looked at. The good news is I had a company from my hometown come out today and he’s going to put in a liner and repair the chimney for about the same price as a power vent.

More good news is that I cleaned the basement with my son and got rid of all the old things that I accumulated over the years thinking we’re putting in a power vent. The power vent is just another way to vent out a furnace where the chimney is not working. But in my case the vent would have been about 30 feet long and that was creating a problem.

Early October will be when I will have heat again. That is totally doable.

Buttercup moved on to another barn. My boarder gave me a four hour notice, she said that she was going to an indoor ring and full board because she doesn’t have time anymore for rough board. The stable is also in the same town where she works. So it’s all good. I understand totally. It is so much easier for full board. I offer both but this will be better for Buttercup and his owner.


Hey. What’s up!

Hello Friends!

Not much going on today on the farm. I may need a new heating system for the house but more on that later.

Cuteness overload. We have a lot of rabbits eating on our front lawn and I hear a lot of coyotes at night barking, so I really hope they are all huddled safely in the woods.

Have a nice weekend! I have a busy one coming up starting with a HVAC person coming out at 8 am! Wish me luck!!

God Bless the Queen and long live the King!