Hello Friends-

Chloe, the mini horse, had gotten kicked the other day by one of the horses that her mother owns.

The vet came up and took a few x-rays of her hind leg and it was severely broken. The knee cap was out of place and it was broken in several places.

The good news is that she doesn’t have to be put down because of her weight and small size. He did say if this was a full size horse the poor thing would have been put down. He put a cast on her last night and she will have to stay in the stall for four months. She was stressed earlier today but better tonight.

I feel so bad for her but she should recover well and will probably have some arthritis.

It was a beautiful very early spring day yesterday and today and tonight it was snowing! Only in New England!

Enjoy your weekend-

14 thoughts on “Chloe

  1. Poor baby!!!! I hope she heals quick without too much pain!! I’m not sure I would ever put her back with the bigger horses!! I’m glad you were there when it happened and able to get the vet to her fast!! There’s always something going on at the farm. Hope you have a better weekend!


    • She’s been living with them for 10 years so I don’t think so. To be honest, that is what they are thinking happened, nobody saw the accident. She is a little feisty though that is why they are thinking she got kicked.


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