It’s a hot summer day

Happy Summer everyone! It’s a very warm day outside and the animals are loving it!

They just got groomed and they can’t be any more happier! The spring hair is off!

Pepper the poodle and Casey the Springer!

Have the best day possible!

Hug your pets❤️

It’s a wonderful life!

Life on a farm means many different things to many different people. My life is calm and I really try hard to keep my life to being stress free. I’ve been down that crazy road and now it’s time to stop and just try to relax to take in all the beauty around us.

I think that is why I gravitate towards farm life. 🙂

I have two dogs, Casey and Pepper, two cats, Lilly and Lunar, an old horse, Julius, a little bunny called Violet and a cute little goat, Ivy.

Today’s star of the day is Pepper. My crazy standard poodle that has a personality of all her own. You will grow to love her as much as we do!

I hope you enjoyed visiting!


Mya the Farmgirl!