Learning to high five!

Pepper the poodle just can’t get the hang of doggy tricks. She is super patient though!

When you’re trying to teach an old dog new tricks…Whenever Honeysuckle (my nickname for my granddaughter) is visiting, she is always trying to teach these two to be circus dogs. Casey has “paw” down pat, but Pepper not too much!

Do you know what kind of dog Dracula owned? A bloodhound! hehehe

Don’t forget to hug your pets 💙

Mya the Farmgirl

It’s a hot summer day

Happy Summer everyone! It’s a very warm day outside and the animals are loving it!

They just got groomed and they can’t be any more happier! The spring hair is off!

Pepper the poodle and Casey the Springer!

Have the best day possible!

Hug your pets❤️

Life on the Farm 2021

Wow, where does time go. Well, I think we can all agree about 2020, horrifingly terrible. Something I never even dreamed of.

Farm life is going good, I have my pets, horses, birds and any other four legged creature that will show up on the farm. I have had ducks, white doves, fox, coyotes, deer all mosey on thru.

Can’t wait to start sharing my stories!


Mya the farm girl.