Fall cleanup

So this is hard, getting the leaves swept up with the wind blowing! I haven’t done a lot of yard work yet because of that reason. My partner did one sweep around but you can’t tell in most places.

One good thing the Magnolia tree has hundreds of blooms on it for next spring.

This is the last of my fall decorations outside. I bought solar powered Christmas lights for outside this year. Our electric company increased the rates by 62 percent this month. I’m a little concerned about this with the heated water buckets for the horses. So this will help! I’ll let you know how they work.

This is my first Christmas decorations in the house. A little early but that’s OK. we are not having Thanksgiving this year, my daughter is am I’m very thankful for that!

13 thoughts on “Fall cleanup

  1. I’ve been raking every day and it looks so nice to see the leaf-free grass and then the winds pick up and make you feel like you wasted your time. We’ll get there. We have trees and lights up inside but no ornies yet. The lights always make us smile when it gets dark so early.

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  2. Java Bean: “Ay, our Dada says they had that exact same ceramic Christmas tree when he was little!”
    Chaplin: “I think he should get another one, for nostalgia’s sake. And he should put it on the table, like, really close to the edge.”
    Lulu: “You just want to push it off onto the floor.”
    Charlee: “Well, duh.”

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    • HaHa. Good point. I should move the tree away from the edge of my desk! My Aunt called me. She wants the tree back. I guess it belongs to someone at her dog shoppe! I have a larger one in the attic. I’m going to go get it. I hope it lights up! 🙂🎄


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