We can turn the heat on!

After three, long, 12 hour days the chimney liner was finally put in. The chimney had a lot of bricks that protruded inside making it very difficult to get the liner down.

They actually had to open the chimney up and remove some of the inside bricks. All I know it finally went in. In comparison to my daughters chimney liner, the same people put it in and it took 3 hours. Crazy.

Now for the sad news, Arlo moved out to his new home. My son and his fiancé bought a home in the next state. We really miss him and his mom and dad! He was a little mischievous but still fun to have around.

Arlo relaxing before the big move.

Enjoy your day!

6 thoughts on “We can turn the heat on!

  1. It’s good to know you finally got your chimney fixed, you should be nice and cosy over winter now. I love the photo of Arlo, you must miss him now he’s gone but I hope he enjoys living in his new home.

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  2. Charlee: “It’s the time of year when heat gets to be important, especially for those without furs. I’m looking at you, humans.”
    Chaplin: “And also at Bean!”
    Charlee: “Enjoy your new home, Arlo! May there be many sun puddles to snooze in!”

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