Hay days

Hello Friends!

This year I decided to order extra hay and keep it in the loft. That is so much easier not having to call the hay man every month only because he is so busy and it’s hard to get here for him and I usually get down to one bale. Really!

Pepper looks so uncomfortable but she walks on the hay. I think that is her sad face.

It cool out and my boiler still does not work. The chimney man is now coming on Friday. Thank goodness I have the wood stove. It’s small but powerful and does a pretty good job keeping the front of the nice and cozy.

Stay safe my friends!

6 thoughts on “Hay days

  1. I hope you get your boiler fixed soon, it’s the wrong time of the year now to be without it. I love the photo of Pepper, she has such a sad sweet face 🙂


  2. I hope your boiler is fixed soon. Our morning temps here in sunny Florida are in the low 60’s–not enough for heat but definitely lower than those godawful humid 90’s we had just last month.
    Pepper–you look so cute on that hay!


  3. Nothing like a fabulous wood burning stove. I had one in our last home and it was so wonderful.

    Scritches to that adorable pup. Pepper is a cute name too.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥


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