Now that’s a tall chimney!

Hello Friends!

This is the chimney that collapsed on the inside that is connected to the furnace. For two weeks I have been getting quotes to repair the furnace in the basement and to run a power ventilator outside and today another gentleman came out to the house and suggested I have the chimney looked at. The good news is I had a company from my hometown come out today and he’s going to put in a liner and repair the chimney for about the same price as a power vent.

More good news is that I cleaned the basement with my son and got rid of all the old things that I accumulated over the years thinking we’re putting in a power vent. The power vent is just another way to vent out a furnace where the chimney is not working. But in my case the vent would have been about 30 feet long and that was creating a problem.

Early October will be when I will have heat again. That is totally doable.

Buttercup moved on to another barn. My boarder gave me a four hour notice, she said that she was going to an indoor ring and full board because she doesn’t have time anymore for rough board. The stable is also in the same town where she works. So it’s all good. I understand totally. It is so much easier for full board. I offer both but this will be better for Buttercup and his owner.

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