Hey. What’s up!

Hello Friends!

Not much going on today on the farm. I may need a new heating system for the house but more on that later.

Cuteness overload. We have a lot of rabbits eating on our front lawn and I hear a lot of coyotes at night barking, so I really hope they are all huddled safely in the woods.

Have a nice weekend! I have a busy one coming up starting with a HVAC person coming out at 8 am! Wish me luck!!

God Bless the Queen and long live the King!

4 thoughts on “Buttercup

  1. Lulu: “Hello Buttercup! I used to go visit the horses back in the day when I lived on a ranch! I mean, I wasn’t SUPPOSED to visit them, but I would escape from my pen and do it anyway.”
    Java Bean: “Is that how you ended up at the shelter?”
    Lulu: “Anything is possible …”


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