Happy National I Love Horses Day!

Did you know that National I Love Horses Day was created to highlight the importance of animals in human history and development? I personally didn’t know that! Horses have been around for 50 million years and they were domesticated by nomads in 4000 BC.

Here’s a fun fact? Do I ride? Nope! I take care of them, Julius, was my mothers horse and the other horses at my farm are all boarders. For now I have no interest in riding I need a calmer horse for that!

This is Martini, Tini for short. He’s definitely a good boy. His owner tells me he loves to ride on trails and he’s not afraid of anything!

This big boy is Boston, another nice horse who loves to ride on the trails! As for my barn, most days they just graze all day and stay in there stalls at night!

Don’t forget to hug your pets!

Mya the Farmgirl

2 thoughts on “Happy National I Love Horses Day!

  1. I like the head shot of Tini, it’s lovely. I looked after three show jumpers for almost nine years, the big dark bay, Whiskey, was my baby (all 16.3 hands of him) and he would follow me round the paddock and the yard like a dog. I was gutted when they sold him on as their daughter had got married and lost interest 😦


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