Follow the leaders

Mowing the lawn is about a 3 hour job on the farm and these two will just walk with me, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind me, just to keep me company! Who else likes to mow the lawn? I actually love to ride on the mower and have three hours of me time. 🙂

Follow me Mom, I can hear Casey saying that to me as I move to the next lawn!
Do you see those trees that were mutilated by a tree company…holy cow, the rhododendrons were suppose to be trimmed and they pulled them all out..I was so sad for them and me…about 50 years of growth gone. I wasn’t home when that happened. So now I am wondering if they will come back or should I plant new rhododendrons? I am convincing myself that this was heavy pruning and hopefully they will return.

Don’t forget to hug your pets!

Mya the Farmgirl

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