Let the Church Bells Ring!!

Yeah! The miners were saved!

God Bless the Chile miners and everyone who helped with the rescue!  I am so happy they were saved!! Can you imagine, over one billion people were watching this on TV…  Good news for the whole world.  This is definitely a feel good moment!


18 thoughts on “Let the Church Bells Ring!!

  1. It was such a joy to watch and see that all the miners being rescued!! Great news for the country and for their family and friends!!! Yay!!!!!! What a brilliant happy ending!!!Take carex


  2. So happy for them, what a terrible ordeal=their rescue was wonderful news yesterday!…Too bad about the wife/girlfriend encounter, that was awful!…Happy day, sweet friend.


  3. Wonderfully exciting news! I was thinking about them last night and how awful it must've been for them being stuck down there. If they didn't have faith before, I bet they do now!


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