This is what happens when GIGI is babysitting!!

Happy Friday Friends! I\’m babysitting today for my granddaughter for about one hour  and this is how it goes…. She is sleeping right next to in her little pack and play and here comes Lilly on my desk..

 Hey, she is thinking, I sleep in there.  Lucky for me my camera is on my desk. I\’m waiting to see what she does.

 Lilly looks in and decides it safe to go for it…I\’m thinking my daughter would flip out but I can tell Lilly would not even touch her…plus I\’m right here. Rule number one in our house…never leave the baby alone!

 Lilly laid down and started cleaning herself! I\’m in trouble now if my daughter saw this!!  Now look at Lilly, I\’m saying \”Time to get out\”!!  This is all in about one minute time…

 AWWW, this is better…Now when my daughter comes home, she\’ll say, what did you do??? I will say, maybe you should read my blog!!

Have a great day everyone!


15 thoughts on “This is what happens when GIGI is babysitting!!

  1. That little one is just so precious. Our little grandbipeds are all growing up so quickly. We know you are careful with the sweetie, we would never think anything but.Have a great weekend. Smoochies to the princess.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Awwwww your little granddaughter is just so lovely!! What a sweetie all tucked up sound asleep!! Me and Charlie think that gorgeous Lilly is a sweetie too!! She could tell baby is gonna grow up to adore furry creatures just like grandma! Take carex


  3. I love that final picture of Lilly looking at you like, \”What?!\” You have a beautiful granddaughter! But of course you already know that! Did she read your blog and if so, did she kill you? lolHave a wonderful weekend.


  4. What precious photos!…The baby is adorable, what is her name?…I love that Lilly wanted to lie down and share the crib with the baby=very sweet!…Happy weekend, Deborah, thanks for sharing!


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