I can\'t believe this happened!

It\’s Fall and Mom kept talking about this…a fence to keep us off the pool when it\’s covered.
 I was jumping  over the fence until they made it higher this weekend!
 So, maybe I can dig under it!
 Nope, if I keep trying, maybe, just maybe I can get over the top!
 Forget it!  Can you PLEASE just get me out of here!
Your not listening…
There you go, that\’s all I wanted, nice and comfortable under my desk!
Hope everyone is happy!  If not, you can take Smoke\’s advice,  just keep trying to jump the fence!


17 thoughts on “I can\'t believe this happened!

  1. Awwwww beautiful Smoke!! Awww you're so lovely!! Me and Charlie think you look ever so cute staying under the desk all warm and safe – as you ponder how to overcome that fence! LOL! 🙂 Take carex


  2. Smoke so is it that you want to jump on the covered pool or is it that you just don't like the idea of not being able to get to it? Lean in closer Smoke…I have a secret…I'll be over about midnight. We begin some intense jump training. Cats are the best jumpers ever…Madi


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