Have a nice Columbus Day Weekend!

 It was a busy week and Lilly is just too tied to watch TV and Buffy has been very busy watching over the \”Little One\”!

 Look! My eyes are open! 

Have a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Have a nice Columbus Day Weekend!

  1. Oh, how sweet and pretty that new little one is – bet you are all enjoying her too. Isn't it something to see how Buffy watches over her? Have a great weekend too.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Awwwww!!!! Hello there to your gorgeous granddaughter!! Awwww!! She's adorable!! And great job watching over her sweet Buffy and sweet dreams adorable Lilly! Happy Columbus Day weekend too! Take carex


  3. Oh, I love that your sweet little granddaughter has her very own watch dog! I just know he'll take very good care of her.My word verification is jacky. Since I don't know her name, I'm going to think of your granddaughter as Jacky now.Hope you have a wonderful weekend and giver Mr. Chips and extra pat for me!


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