Diesel & Chloe

Hello Friends,

I wanted to show you how small Chloe is compared to her friend, Diesel. She’s tiny and full of personality!

Hey, wait a minute! I’m full of personality too!!

Hi friends, Lunar here… I have no personality and I like it like that!! My Mom would disagree with that comment but that’s what I do best to ignore all cameras!

10 thoughts on “Diesel & Chloe

    • Hi Eunice! She is 3′ tall. Super tiny. 🙂 She is also 17 years old. She does let me pet her which is nice seeing she is not too keen on adults. I think they like it here because at her last home they only had a small patch of land to stand on.


  1. Lulu: “I would definitely expect somebody named Diesel to be bigger than somebody named Chloe!”
    Charlee: “Hey that’s some pretty impressive door-climbing.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, we climb up our doors but they are made of screen and mesh so it’s easy to get claw-holds. Climbing a door made of glass is a whole other level.”


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