We have new guests!

This is Chloe and Diesel. These two are inseparable and they even stay in the same stall!

Chloe loves children but does not like adults. That is good to know!

This is the four of them. Buttercup has the white feathering, Diesel, Chloe and Indy.

They are very well behaved because the owners are hands on. I am very glad for that! I believe they chose my farm because of all the trails they can ride on!

The other three beasts. hehe. Escaped again so my son fixed the fence once again and they seem to be happy. It’s spring and they get very frisky!

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  1. Chloe is the little mini horse you were talking about?! What a tiny little beauty she is. But all the horses are beautiful. Getting through the fence…oh, you guys!!

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