So the horses escaped!

So he looks like he is not escaping but they are. They knocked the fencing down and then proceeded all the way around the high tension lines and up my road just to wander their way back to me.

They only went about a mile but it’s still pain in the bucket! I think they get bored and want to move. Thankfully this time they didn’t make it to the neighborhood. Then they get on Facebook the police are called and on and on! It’s kindof funny but dangerous all at once!

Enjoy your day!

7 thoughts on “So the horses escaped!

    • That’s always not good when they do that. They will usually stop in someone’s yard when that happens! I have an electric fence in the pond field, that is where they are now🙂


  1. I was raised on a dairy farm and the cows would get out from time to time. Always in the middle of the night. It was a pain in the bucket too. Glad you got them back without all the drama.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

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