Nightfall at the farm

Hello Friends!

I was thinking tonight how it is always very quiet and peaceful when the sun goes down. Buddy is the only horse that stays out at night. His owner requests that we do that for him.

The best part of nightfall for me is that the work is done and I have a chance to talk to my son and his girlfriend about their day! They are both school teachers and they happen to love their jobs and the kids!! My son happens to be very funny so it is entertaining to listen about his day! He is very good at telling stories!

Around 9:15pm I hear a train go by in town and every now and then we hear coyotes calling out to each other.

I hope all your nights are very peaceful-

Don’t forget to hug your pets!❤️

Mya the Farmgirl

5 thoughts on “Nightfall at the farm

    • He does love being out grazing. I wish all the horses would stay outside. It gets warm in the barn. We bring him in when it snows. Even then his owner prefers him to stay out!

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