I am looking for CHIMPANZEE\'S….

Hello Friends,

I\’m out today on this beautiful Spring day looking for those Chimpanzee\’s that my mother keeps talking about….but first….Fact #2: Chimpanzee populations live in communities of 15 to 120 individuals. Each community consists of males and females of varying ages that share a territory. Male chimpanzees stay in one community their entire lives. However, females will sometimes leave their mothers and join new communities when they reach adulthood.

Now back to me:  I know I can find a Chimpanzee somewhere!

 Nothing today…maybe tomorrow…

Remember the CHIMPANZEE opens Friday, April 20th and if you comment on this post, you will be entered to win the fun Chimpanzee Prize pack. 


9 thoughts on “I am looking for CHIMPANZEE\'S….

  1. This is such interesting info about chimpanzees! I think you might be looking a while for a chimpanzee in your neighborhood. ha ha!:) It looks like pretty weather there so enjoy your search. 🙂


  2. If you do find a chimpanzee, be careful not to stare it in the eyes, okay? They sometimes take that as a threat. We just watched the Rise of the Planet of Apes over the weekend. It was so highly disturbed but I gotta say it was very well made. My mother sat besides me saying \”This is NOT the chimp movie I had in mind\” She was thinking it was going to be the Chimpanzees you're talking about!


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