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Did you know that Chimpanzees are endangered:  Just 100 years ago, roughly 1 million chimpanzees lived in the lush rainforest of equatorial Africa. Today, only 1/10 remain, primarily due to habitat loss and illegal hunting.  Current trends indicate that African ape populations will decline by an additional 80% in the next 30 to 40 years.  CHIMPANZEE the movie, is coming out Friday, April 20th, Earth Day! 

Here\’s the scoop…. If I run this for five days and you comment, you will be entered to win a prize pack from CHIMPANZEE..I will choose the winner on Friday!  YAH!!!!

CHIMPANZEE will open in US theaters on Friday, April 20, Earth Day!! YAH!!

Good Luck, see you tomorrow with another fun fact!!!


11 thoughts on “CHIMPANZEE

  1. Awwww poor chimpanzees! I hope they continue to survive for many generations to come!I love that there's this film about to come out too – I hope it gets here to the UK asap!!Yay! Take carex


  2. Our oldest grandbiped loves monkeys. She just finished a great report on pygmy monkeys. This movie is on Mom's list to take the little ones too. Wish we could go too.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. I had no idea about the monkeys! I get so upset hearing complaints about animals! I completely agree with Sandra! I tell people you should respect all of God's creatures…


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