Tag, your it!

OKEDOKEY friends, today I\’m playing tag, your it!  I was tagged by my bloggy friend at  McGuffy\’s Reader and it is great that she even thought of me!  So thank you McGuffyAnn!

I need to answer the following questions;

1)  Do you think you\’re hot?
     Well, why not, if I don\’t then I think nobody will!  hehehehehe

2)  Upload a picture or wallpaper that you are using at the moment.

My eighty year old Mother & niece, Gracy!

3)  When was the last time you ate chicken?
      Last night~I had a chicken sandwich with tomatoes and Swiss cheese!
4)  Was the last song you listened to?
     Good question…hmmmm…I have no idea!  I listen to the news in my car, BORING>>>>
5)  What were you thinking about while doing this.
      The baby, I\’m watching her monitor making sure she fell asleep!
6)   Do you have any nicknames and what are they?
      Well, I don\’t, but the dogs do….Smokes is talker, Ariel is the queen, Buffy is the follower, Mr Chips
       is the head of the pack and Winston, is just Winston…

Last but not least, I\’m suppose to pass this to 8 of my friends, but once again, I can\’t just pick 8 of you because I can\’t…anyhow, who ever wants to play along, go ahead…we would love to find out little things about you and your pets!


7 thoughts on “Tag, your it!

  1. Thanks for sharing your answers!Chicken sandwich?? Sure it was yummilicious!My mom would have the same answer for question # 4!Have a good nightKisses and hugsLorenza


  2. Hi Deborah! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself and your amazing pets!! I'll add you to my roll!! Have a great day!!Jeanne with Chloe and LadyBug


  3. interest news here… I do have a nick name, Samar. I wanted to be a boy and daddy named me Samar which was almost like Sam. i listen to the news in the car also. our dogs have nick names. baby girl has many, like dumb blond, determined bitch, pillow princess, sofa queen. I love your amazing animals TOOOOO


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