Don\'t panic, she\'s OK…

Well, the good news is that Cake, my mother\’s farm managers Donkey is OK, she was just sleeping today.  It is very warm and she is about to give birth this week…The bad news is Penny didn\’t win 😦  …
Oh well, she is still a winner in my world!  I thought for sure she would be in the top 100 but noooo, she must have been number 101 ~~  LOL
Well, thanks again everyone and as soon as Cake has her baby, I will be taking pictures like crazy!!

15 thoughts on “Don\'t panic, she\'s OK…

  1. Beautiful Penny is destined for bigger better brighter things! Yay!!!!! Good for her and good luck to her too!! Awwwwww lovely Cake!! Awww baby donkeys (what is a baby donkey called??) ! Yay!!!! Take carex


  2. We had high hopes for Penny too. But with all she has been through and beat, she is surely a winner.Lots of luck to Cake, the heat must be so hard on her.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  3. so glad you called it don't panic, scared me silly when i saw it. cake is so darling and i can't wait to see the baby. so sorry Penny did not win, you are right she is a winner, hope she got some of the Mary kay products from all this.


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