Baby Echo

Hello Friends, remember the horse I was telling you about at my mother\’s farm that was having her foal?  Well, she had her little filly last night at 9PM, thankfully without any problems
at all.  Stacy the farm manager and her owner were with her the entire time!  I wish I knew because I was next door at Penny\’s at a birthday party and I would have run over to see the birth.  Stacy said it was awesome!
Meet Echo.  She is very tall like her mother, so tall she doesn\’t fit underneath her Mom.
Echo looks just like her Mom too; they both have the white blaze on their face. Don\’t worry about her being so thin, baby foals look like this.
She is so cute.  She will stay in the barn for three days then, she will go outside for an hour a day to get accustomed to the outdoors and also people.  She is a future racehorse. She is very beautiful!
It was time to eat.  She is just so cute.  I\’ll keep you updated the next few weeks on how she is doing.  Then she will go back to her own barn.  For those of you who missed the first post, her owners wanted the birthing in a calm barn, instead of a barn full of people and noise, so they choose our farm to have the foal.  I didn\’t know this, but there are a lot of farms that just deliver foals.  

Have a happy Wednesday!


Did I mention how cute she is?

20 thoughts on “Baby Echo

  1. Oh, she is so cute – how do all those legs fit inside and how do they all get out? We hope we can see more of her.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. She beautiful!! And Mama is too! But then aren't all horses beautiful. What an awesome experience to have her born right in your own barn. Very cool!


  3. Oh wow!! Hello there wonderful and beautiful Echo!! What a star you are already!! And well done mum!! Mum is such a beauty and Echo is just perfect!! Yay!!! Brilliant news – thanks for sharing these fab pics! Take carex


  4. you don't have to mention how cute she is, she is the cutest thing i have ever seen, so precious bending her neck to find her food. the mother is beautiful. thanks for sharing this beautiful mother and baby. I like the name Echo.


  5. She is beautiful!! Congrats!! I miss being around horses. They are such gentle, sweet animals. I sent you an email a couple days ago, did you get it? Hope all is well =)


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