I\'m mad at you….

You said your leaving on vacation, WITHOUT US! 
Won\’t you miss us?
Can\’t we come?
Well, I\’m not talking to you!
Don\’t worry, your Nanny will be here again taking good care of you!
By the time I get home, you will all be spoiled, I\’m sure!
We are heading south and I will be catching up on my friends
while I\’m sitting by the pool and drinking rum punch, providing they 
have wireless service!!  🙂
Have a nice weekend and stay safe~

19 thoughts on “I\'m mad at you….

  1. Awwwww!! Me and Charlie are sure your mum will be back very soon!!! Just think of all the extra treats your adorable Nanny will give you!! Yay!!!!We hope mum has a brilliant and safe journey and holiday with lots of rum punch! Yay! take carex


  2. So you will be leading the Life Of Riley while leaving us in the cruel cold and blizzards?? Ha ha!!! Well, I'm glad you'll be getting away for awhile for fun and SUN!!! Hope you bring back lots of pictures to show us!! Take care, my friend!


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