*I\'m Stylin*

Hello Friends!  We have great news! Our friend, Hilary, at Feeling Beachie was nice enough to give us this very Stylish award. YEAH!!! The rules for this award are pretty easy for us to follow:

1) Make sure you say thanks to the one who gave it to you!!! THANK YOU HILARY!!! For us bloggy friends in the snow, you should look at her header…it\’s the beach on a nice sunny day and it\’s a nice blog to read!
2) Share seven things about myself…
3) Pass this award to fifteen other bloggers who you think have style…here\’s my problem…most of you know me by now and you all have style…how can I pick just 15…could I leave Lorenza out or Charlie???  So everyone is *stylin* in my world!  This is why Mango would never ask me to judge!!! I would feel bad and award everyone first prize…hmmm…just a thought…

My seven things about myself are….

1)  I\’m a very easy boss to work for…you really have to mess up to get in trouble.
2)  Very easy going.  My kids will say too easy!!!
3)  I just started my daughter in her Mary Kay business!  It\’s fun!  She also works at another job, but I\’m hoping this takes off so she can stay home more often and just go to college and take care of the \”Little One\”.
4)  Smokes still talks all day long.  We are trying to train him by positive feedback.
5)  Buffy\’s vet visit from her injured leg went well! She doesn\’t have a torn anything, she has a little arthritis. We were very lucky not to have surgery.
6)  The \”Little One\” is a very happy baby!  So far, so good with me watching her while I work.
7)  I love the snow and living in New England! I also love to drive in the snow, if it\’s snowing, it\’s time to run errands, of course without the baby!

On a different note…I have been showing the ice from inside my office window.  Here is what it looks like from the outside!


Have a great day my friends~I just missed my 500th post! Sooo, happy 501 posts to me~   

15 thoughts on “*I\'m Stylin*

  1. Congratulations on the great award!The mom is shaking her head at #7. Seriously. We're not *that* far away, geographically, in southeaster Ontario, and we can say that we all really, really dislike winter. LOL.BTW, also congrats on passing 500 posts!


  2. Congratulations with your award and your 501st post!! Yay!!! And thanks for these fab facts about you!! Hello to \”The Little One\”!! Yay that Buffy is ok and hugs to Smokes!!! Hello too to all your family – human and fur! :-)Charlie is very happy you couldn't leave him out! LOL!!!Gosh that pic is very cold!!! Brrrr!! Stay safe please! Take carex


  3. Congrats on the award AND on #500!!! We never remember to check how many we have. Nice sharing. Wish we had an answer for Smokes. Maybe he just has a lot to say:)That is one scary-looking icicle – hope no one walks under it.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. Congratulations on your Award!Very well deserved!I loved reading those things about you!That window is making me feel frozen!Congratulations on your 501th Post! And many more to come!Kisses and hugsLorenza


  5. Congrats on #500! Wow…I am approaching 200, and I am shock I wrote so much! I am like you with respect to #1, but totally opposite with #7. I freak when I hear it is going to snow….


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