Bud found his better half!


Hello Friends, Buffy\’s friend, Norwood is having a fun contest, it is the \”Find your better half\” contest!

This is Bud, our bunny…

This is Bud\’s better half!  Cute isn\’t she! 
Well, we found Bud\’s better half on Petfinder!  You can go to Petfinder and adopt a pet. All I had to do is to put in my zip code and ask for rabbits or the pet your looking for and it gave me several rabbits to choose from!
This little bunny is for adoption on Petfinder!  Oh boy, I would love another bunny but we already have two.
Thanks again Norwood for having this fun contest in conjunction with Mango\’s show!
Have a great day my friends!


11 thoughts on “Bud found his better half!

  1. well nice to meet u deborah…did u sed snow….waaauuuu…my poor husky hasent seened snow yet…he is 3 yers…im living in the city of 3 snowflackes/year:(((((the funny thing is ,im romanian,living in spain for 6 years now…and in my coutri is like rusia…he wuold have been sooo happy…hope he is happy whith me:( :))))i´ll send him over for vacacion:))))kissesss…good night to all


  2. Hi what a cool blog!!i am a sucker for rescuing anything, we have raised so many rabbits like these that dogs or freinds have delivered on our doorstep! they now live in a big outdoor run with the chickens…the wild ones have a better half in humpy the freindliest lop eared rabbit ever.in fact i am a sucker for rescuing anything with four legs and fur…currently i have 3 wild horses i adopted from mustercheck out my blogwww.wildhorseproject.blogspot.com


  3. If you came here, you could just catch one. They live everywhere and have their warrens all over the place here. We have to be careful in the twilight not to run over them. Many are in our yard a good bit. When we surprise them, they freeze! Only the nose wiggles! They are good at sitting for photography!


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