A gift from Jazzi!!!!!

Look at all the cards I got yesterday!  I was so excited about this I just wanted to show you!!
The mail must have been a little slow!! 

 Then I received a package from Jazzi for posting our Taco Day pictures!  It is a taco ornament and treats for our pups!  The dogs LOVED the treats too!  They were nice and crunchy and very tasty too! :
 Thank you Jazzi! If you don\’t know Jazzi, maybe you can jump on over to say Hi!!
Have a great day! 

20 thoughts on “A gift from Jazzi!!!!!

  1. What a great gift you got – we saw those yummy cookies somewhere else…..!Can't remember where, Jazzi has been busy.You have lots of very cool cards too.Much loveMartha and Bailey xxx


  2. Awww these are brilliant cards!! And that taco gift from lovely Jazzi is so sweet!! How unique!! Wonderful! Me and Charlie love it!! Yay!!!We hope you are having a great holiday!! Take carex


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