Our first snow storm of the season…

Hello Friends,
It was suppose to be a blizzard but it was more of a snow storm. Not too bad where we live but very windy and very cold. The temperature will be below zero…However, the dogs love it!  Ariel has to be on a leash because she doesn\’t hear me when I call her name and she WILL take off and it\’s too dangerous for her to do that. 

We are just very glad we didn\’t lose power.  The pellet stoves only work with electricity…

Smokes loves it.  He doesn\’t want to come in the warm house.

I have been playing around with blogger today and I can\’t get back to where I started…I\’ll have to think about this.  I should have never pushed that button…LOL

Buffy told me not to do it…hehehehe

Have a great day everyone!


16 thoughts on “Our first snow storm of the season…

  1. Oooooh Buffy is so right! Never press any blogger buttons!! LOL!!! We hope you get blogger under control! :-)Awww the doggies are all completely gorgeous and so loving the snow and cold!!!! Is Smokes the gorgeous wolf-doggie husky?? What a beauty!!We hope you don't lose your power and hope the weather calms down too! Take care and keep warm and safex


  2. Oh, wow – what winter wonderland…Smokes feels right at home, doesn't he? What I wouldn't give to put Gizzy in the snow to see what he does – I don't think he's ever been. I got him when he was 3, but even if he went that young, he might not remember… we both prefer the cold weather and would be happy with this pretty white stuff 🙂


  3. That's a mighty big snows you gots there!!Thank you all soooooo much for the Christmas pressies!!! You all were too generous! We love them all!Woofs and Kisses!The Fiesty Three


  4. We were supposed to have a terrible storm as well. I think we got off easy with some snow and a lot of rain. Your photos are just beautiful. I am glad it didn't hit you too hard!


  5. We got snow today but not as much as you did. It'll probably be gone in a day or two. My boys absolutely HATE it and I have to kick them outside or they wouldn't go in weather like this. Glad you didn't lose your power either. My parents have a pellet stove and I love to stand in front of it and warm up when I visit them in the winter.


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