How do you like the new color of my fur?

Lilly here…
Isn\’t it lovely! Blonde, my favorite fur color, I had it all over my back last week. I bet your wondering what I did to get this beautiful color….
Lilly\’s!!! My name sake! Hey, who ever said cats can\’t color our fur! For you lilly lovers (I\’m talking about the lilly, not me), the stamen is what causes our fur to turn yellow! It gets on everything! That is why Mom usually picks the stamen off, but this lilly had opened and she missed it until she saw me! (hehehehe) I\’m just seeing if blondes have more fun, Mom says they don\’t! She should know, she just colored her hair back to brunette!! OPPS did I say that!
Happy Thursday everyone!

19 thoughts on “How do you like the new color of my fur?

  1. Oh no Lilly!!!! Oh no – I'd have screamed and panicked and screamed some more!! Isn't it amazing what a flower can do?!! Oh my goodness!! I hope mum managed to take them all off! You're much better all natural rather than dyed! Take carex


  2. Er, aren't a lot of lilies toxic to cats? Easter lilies, day lilies, others? Obviously that must be a non-toxic variety, and a good thing too! :-)How long before that comes off your fur? LOL.


  3. I love lillies, and I didn't know that! How do you get it off, do you have to wash it? Oh, I bet that would be fun!! Speaking of which, I was just giving a tip on another blog about cat litter. My friend uses all natural litter made from corn. Because litter gets on cats paws and then they lick and clean themselves, so it's good to have litter that won't harm them and is natural.


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