Week two…book review!

I did it! I made the cut for reading chapter two by Tuesday! LOL. I have to say I really enjoy this book and any animal lover would. No, I\’m not being paid to do this book review!!
Chapter two was about the Susannah Charleson picking out her Golden Retriever, the process she went through because she is going to use this pup for SAR…Search and Rescue…
She also rescued dogs and most of her dogs are rescues and fosters dogs. She wrote about one sweet, very old, Pomeranian, Scruppy, who was about to be put down because he was so old and sickly that no one wanted him, except for Susannah. It turned out that this little blind, deaf, old dog was a very nice companion and it really makes me think that maybe more people should foster…just a thought!
The chapter comes to the end and she brings home her puppy, Puzzle. So the adventure continues….until next week~

4 thoughts on “Week two…book review!

  1. Awwww and we're only in chapter 2 and already I'm feeling very emotional especially about Scruppy!! :-)And now Puzzle!! Awww!!! Thanks for the review – I can't wait for the next one!Take carex


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