There is nothing like….

Little kids talking to kitties.

Bunnies eating in the road and you have to stop so they can finish!

Cute little puppies!

Just thought I would brighten your day a little!

13 thoughts on “There is nothing like….

  1. Awww Deborah!! Mine and Charlie's day (well ok, it;s nearly midnight now and most definitely bed-time! LOL!) have been brightened to beyond bright by these utterly cute pics!!! Lovely!!Take carex


  2. The rabbits are cute as long as you are not also holding back six Siberian Huskies who suddenly have a snack on their mind. Not that we have any experience with that.


  3. You're right, there's nothing like it and I want to add that it warms my heart to see young people stop at the side of the street, to get out of their cars only to walk back and help a turtle cross the road.It's wonderful, the human-animal bond – it's a very special kind of love.


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