Lilly has taken over~

Hey Mom, this isn\’t your animal blog…what\’s going on! I really hope I didn\’t hit any
wrong buttons! Hmmm, we haven\’t heard from Jingles yet, don\’t
forget that you won the GABE giveaway in the CATegory prize that we held! Please contact me if you read this!Isn\’t this where your computer goes, maybe not!!!
Can you see me thinking of what to post next, maybe
Mom will get a good feel good moment shot of me
this week!

Have fun!

17 thoughts on “Lilly has taken over~

  1. Poor Lilly, looks a bit under the weather – maybe she just doesn't like having her photo taken 😉 I hope she's ok. She's a very pretty cat. I love all animals, but especially the all white ones 😉


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