Maybe I should keep my day job!!!!!

When is the most likely time a stray dog will walk into your house?

When the door is open!

What is a dogs favorite hobby?

Collecting fleas!

\”The average dog is a nicer person than the average person\”

(Quoted by Andrew A. Rooney)

Have a fantastic day!

22 thoughts on “Maybe I should keep my day job!!!!!

  1. That quote is SO true! Mom's had many stray animals come into her life, but our dad will not allow anymore. Our little sisbean is wanting a hamster and we know he'll cave sooner or later, but he's trying to stand his ground. With a houseful of girls (minus King) his ground will be shaken apart! MOL!


  2. Good Doggie Jokes, and the quote by Rooney is one of Grammy's favorites! She thinks it is VERY true! You don't have to give us any extra points… we just always sniff through several blog posts when we find a new friend. The Country Corgis


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