Nap Time!

Little Lilly thought she was going to have a nice catnap. All nice and cozy… Then along comes Scooter and he would like to take a catnap also.

All is going well and I\’m sure they are dreaming of running in the fields and along comes Buffy…

Hey kitties, push over, I want to nap also!
Have a great day!

21 thoughts on “Nap Time!

  1. Lilly and Scooter are gorgeous kitties and they are really adorable sleeping together…I would love to see the photo of sweet Buffy snuggled in with them!


  2. PS word verification for my first post was 'nonshed'. I thought that was rather funny especially with the kitties on the couch I'm sure they are not shedding. HAMadi and Mom


  3. Any kitty I have ever known would NOT let a dog take it's spot!!! Now all the cats I've known would let a dog come up and sleep with them!! I always have had both, cat and dog and they always learn to love each other.Thanks for your visit!!!XXOOXX, Bambi & Fern


  4. Pretty kitties, but doggies rule and kitties drool! The Corgi Country PupsSorry about those little rude scamps. They aren't used to cats except the feral ones that live around Mimi's place, and they are for chasing as far as the dogs there are concerned. I've been friends with several cats over the years, but we haven't had one here since the pups were born. OC, Matriarch of Corgi Country


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