My Dad and Buffy

Hi everyone! I was going through some of my Dads things the other night and I found this great picture of my Dad and Buffy! My Dad passed away two years ago and let me tell you, he loved Buffy. They were inseparable! They would walk miles a day in the woods and Buffy would even jump on the hood of his truck! Now that would drive me crazy!!I have to assume that my Dad would work hours with Buffy obedience training her, that is why she is so well behaved for me!
Have a great weekend! Don\’t forget to hug your pets!

19 thoughts on “My Dad and Buffy

  1. Hi, Deborah…Thanks for visiting our blog; I am now following yours…This is a lovely tribute to your Dad; it is wonderful that you are now caring for Buffy…Have a great weekend.


  2. It's evident that there was a lot of love exchanged between your dad and Buffy. It's always so bittersweet when we come across photos of someone we loved that isn't with us any longer…


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