Here I thought I was doing a good thing!

I bought Winston a little dog snuggie today and I was so excited to get it home and try it out!
This is how it went…

At first I thought Winston liked his snuggie, but he

then started to get a little uncomfortable as you will see below!

He\’s thinking about it…

From the looks of things, Winston did not like his snuggie I bought him! I thought for sure he

would love it! Winston is

always a little cold because he will sleep on top of the heat vents or under blankets. So I would

guess to say, we will stick to the blankets!

Have a great day and stay warm!

15 thoughts on “Here I thought I was doing a good thing!

  1. We agree with Karl, maybe you should just put it on him for a little bit every day. Bet he would love it outside – we have frigid temps here but we are furry enough we love it.Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder


  2. I understand, I wouldnt like a snuggie either. I just like to feel free and have my fur doing what it wants!! I would have done the same thing!!Here's for freedomJazzi


  3. Hey there, all of you (including Mom)I don't think we've had the opportunity yet to wish you all a really HAPPY NEW YEAR! (although it's belated)We hope that this year is a truly fantastic one and that all your wishes of the heart come true.It's a pity you don't like your new snuggie – it looks rather cute. Keep warm though!LotsalicksMAXDOG IN SOUTH AFRICA


  4. Hi Deborah,Well don't tell Winston but we had a laugh at his expense…he is trying so hard to like his snuggy. My daughter has a Cornish Rex cat…if you are not familiar with the breed they are have very short coat. He is always under blankets or sitting all snuggly so my daughter bought a sweater for him. Once she got it on him he completely froze. Would not walk, blink just all crouched. I guess you have to start them in sweaters at birth. HAMadi and Mom


  5. The videos were so cute! It looks like Max was trying hard to like the snuggie in the first video, trying to please you and wondering what you were expecting of him by putting the \”thing\” on him. What a sweet little spirit he has.


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