All I want to do is take a cat nap!

I\’m minding my own business, trying to catch a little cat nap after all the New Year\’s festivities…Then I spot Buffy…

Buffy loves to tease me and will bother me every chance she gets!

Thankfully all I have to do is to \”give her the look\” and she will run off to Mommy like a little puppy who has lost her bone!

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will!

20 thoughts on “All I want to do is take a cat nap!

  1. Oh my we certainly recognized the ultimate cat'back of now before I swat you up side your head' look and those ears were laid down flat.Buffy is a smart puppy to tuck her tail and run.Madi and Mom


  2. Happy New Year! From us all in Frozen Scotland!Thank you for your nice comments on our blog! And so pleased to meet youse!love and light, Marvin xxxxxxxx oh and Jeannie xxxxxxx


  3. That happens to me \”all\” the time…if I try to take a nap….some one jumps up and bothers me.Andrea (sitka's mom)PS: I have a prayer request on arise 2 write.


  4. Buffy really likes the kitty. She is trying to be friendly in a dog way. Trouble is, IN a dog way!!! Give Buffy time, she will make friends given enough time.Kiss the critters for me, Fern


  5. I made my way to a blog that i really love.What a cute cat!!BTW Have a very happy New Year!hugs hugsP.S. Deborah, if you have just a pic of a puppy,with a hat or clothes please let me know, i want to put him/her on a post.


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