Could this be the new cat and the hat?

This is my version of the cat and hat! I think my sister-in-law said Gracey the Cat is 15 years old? Could that be? That would make me…ummm….never mind!

Have a great day!

20 thoughts on “Could this be the new cat and the hat?

  1. Awww Gracey is such a good girl. I Noah would never put up with that…..although I do have to put up with a lot….sigh.Thanks for sharing the awesome video.tailwagsNoah


  2. That cat HAS to be at least 15 years old not to move or care that a hat is being put on it.I realized my cat was old when a mouse ran by her and all she did was step on its tail. She couldn't be bothered with the mouse and found a sun spot instead to take a nap.


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