Just a few short weeks ago we received these cute
little stuffies that honked from Brutus for
Paw it Forward.Oh the fun we had…

OHOH, I didn\’t mean too Mom! We were just
having fun!!

Shhh, don\’t tell Brutus!

The good news is, we can still play with them,

they just don\’t honk
and now they are not so fluffy!

16 thoughts on “SHHH…

  1. I love Mr. Chips' expression. I bet if he could human speak, he'd be saying \”who me? I didn't do this. Some other dog, actually cat, came in the room when I stepped out and destroyed the toys. I'm just lucky I got here in time to stop things\”.


  2. I am mending stuffies all the time. I make them last with mend mend mend!!!!My computer was very old when Tom bought it last January. He is not going to get a new one probably mever! This old girl is 11 years old.She will get a new fan one day!!!Love your blog, Fern


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