This is Ariel\'s brother, Sonny.

Sonny, my Mother\’s dog is off to my Veterinarian to see if he can pull a tooth. Sonny\’s Vet. will not do this procedure and said that not many local Veterinarian clinics do this. Of course I found that strange, because my Veterinarian clinic has pulled several of my dog\’s teeth over the years. So off we go! You can see Sonny doesn\’t look to thrilled.Here we go, into the Doctor\’s office.

Sonny is just making sure everything smells OK!

That\’s his Mom, Sonny needs two teeth pulled and will have that done this Thursday.

OK, I won\’t drive this time, but maybe I can ride in the front!

Wish me luck on Thursday! Ariel\’s Mom said I will fine!!

Have a great day!

16 thoughts on “This is Ariel\'s brother, Sonny.

  1. Yes, good luck with the toofies, Sonny!…and yes, that Vet sounds really strange that he doesn't pull teeth. (Maybe he's making too much money and now is 'specialising'. That is often the excuse) Anyway, hope all goes well.LotsalicksMAXDOG IN SOUTH AFRICA


  2. HiGood luck on the teeth. I am sure it will be fine and you will be good as new. Be sure to tuck the teeth under your blanket so the tooth fairy can leave you some yummy treats!! Right tooth fairy???Thinking of youJazzi


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