Pictures of my Mother\'s Horse Farm

It\’s November 1\’st and I happen to love November. The beginning of the holiday season for me! I think November is my favorite month! These are pictures of horses at my Mother\’s farm. She can board up to eight horses in her barn. She also has a lot of riding trails behind her farm and not only do the horses use the trails, but you will find people riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, four wheelers and ski mobiles!

This is dirt road that leads to the woods; there are fields on both sides of the walls. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to live!

Have a great Monday!

16 thoughts on “Pictures of my Mother\'s Horse Farm

  1. Your mom's place is just beautiful! You have the best of both worlds…you can visit that lovely place, hug all the horses, and then go home to your critters!Blessings, Misha


  2. That really is a tranquil place. Our human used to ride horses a long time ago, and she thinks that would be a dandy spot. We like November as long as it isn't cold and rainy all month.


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