Buds New House!

Bud is very happy to have a new home! It is a three level condo that he will be able to walk around in! My lovely daughters, fiance made this in two days! I am very impressed! Twenty-four hours later…

Bud is getting use to his new condo!

Bud seems to love it!

Bud is kept in my daughter\’s fiance\’s room, this way; he is kept nice and warm! Bud still will go on car trips and they take him outside in the large pen for his exercise!

9 thoughts on “Buds New House!

  1. awwh what a cute bunny Bud is ^_^ I also love that awesome condo of his … Thanks for visiting the malts' blog. I am a big animal lover too. I looked through your blog and think that it is beautiful with your nice and informative animal related posts .. we are following too ;)Have a nice evening (It is morning where we are lol but night time in the States) Kat, Snowy and Crystal


  2. Hey there.What a pretty bunny!…and his name is \”BUD\”, so that must make him friendly! My mom says that she has always wanted a bunny….oh no, not in our house! There are already too many of us here.He is very cute though and what an amazingly creative architectural accomplishment. We hope he is gonna be really happy there. Im sure he will. That is a MANSION for a bunny!LicksMAXDOG IN SOUTH AFRICA


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