Dog Flu

Bless you!

For those of you who love dogs, and that is almost all of you, when I was listening to the nightly news the other night, they mentioned that the dog flu was on the rise. Of course, I perked right up to listen… The dog flu is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs that is caused by Type A influenza virus; this strictly is a disease of dogs, not humans.
This virus now spreads between dogs. This is why I never bring my dogs to the large pet shopping centers in my area! I have found out that this virus started initially in greyhounds and was caused by equine influenza A H3N8 virus.
Symptoms of an infected dog could be a cough, runny nose and fever. The good news is that only a very small portion of dogs can develop severe disease.
There is a vaccine for canine influenza, so maybe if you worry about this, like I do, I am going to ask my veterinary office, if my dogs should get the vaccine. It may be worth it!

10 thoughts on “Dog Flu

  1. HiMY mom never knew that they have dog flu. I have never been sick but then I am only 3 yrs old. Their old dog before me was 18 and he never was sick a day in his life. My mom doesnt take me to dog parks or to the pet stores, so maybe thats why! But thanks for the info and for stopping by my blog. We hope to get to know you all better.Tail wagsJazzi


  2. Remember if your dog gets flu and you take it to the vets it is best to wait outside until your appointment to avoid spread of infection in the waiting room. Most dogs will get over it just fine but if they won't eat or have breathing difficulties it's best to get them checked out by your vet.


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