Old photos

Hello Friends.

My brother had asked me for a photo of a dog called Hurricane that we had years ago when we were children. In doing so I came across some other old photos. The one above is of my father and his horse, Iben. Iben was a small Arabian and my dad was 6’2, that’s why he looks so much taller than the horse. Back in the day we used to have horseshows at the farm and every summer we would prepare the horse ring and we would have what the horse club people called a gymkhana. That is a horse show where they play games on horseback. A couple of games you would be familiar with were called barrel racing and the egg and spoon race. The show would last for the full weekend.

This is Hurricane. He was a small field trial springer spaniel that was mostly white. He was the best hunting dog that we had. We had so many springers growing up. My parents bred them and we would have 3 litters of puppies at a time. My mother owned a kennel, ran a dog school and was a dog groomer for probably 30 years or so. She also taught night classes at the local college on grooming and obedience training.

I have to admit it seems like yesterday. Time does fly by!

Enjoy your day!


I’ve been boarding horses for about nine years now and this is the only horse here to get horseshoes. The owner said that he can walk better on them.

Diesel will only get horseshoes in the front. He also didn’t seem to mind it either.

The whole process took about 15 minutes and not a peep out of Diesel.

Tini is waiting for his hoof trim. I have to call the ferrier to get them done. Maybe in the next few weeks I will get the other three horses hoofs trimmed.

Do you think horseshoes are lucky? I know I do (coming from someone who believes in ghosts too!) and I would never hang a horseshoe upside down because the luck will fall out! Horseshoes are considered very lucky and are hung in homes to protect it and bring good fortune to the people living inside. On that note, I hope you all have good luck in what ever you wish for!

Enjoy your day!

Waiting for the babies

Hello Friends. I’m pretty sure this swan is nesting. I check on her everyday and she just sits and will eat right there. I’m very excited to see her babies.

Her partner is swimming closely around her, waiting for the family to arrive and he is protecting her also!

You can tell it’s spring time here by the magnolia tree blooming. It’s been a cold and rainy spring so I am ready for warm weather! April showers do bring May flowers!

Enjoy your day!

I’m very busy being me!

I’m pretty sure nobody can see me in this scratch hut!
Then I run up to my Grandmas office and eat her “so-called” work orders!
Then I rest…
And patiently wait for my next victim to walk in the door!

Now Grandma expects me to look cute when I obviously had a very busy day! I even made those scratch marks in on this chair!!

Have a good day friends! I’m taking a nap now-🙂